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Pācina is an old monastery of the 10th century surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, fields, and wooded areas and nestled on the Chianti hills in Castelnuovo Berardenga just a few kilometres east of Siena.

Pācina is a special place with a long history, agricultural and otherwise, which has maintained it’s traditions since time immemorial. It’s origins lie in Etruscan times, from which the very name is derived from Pacha, or Pachna, the name of the Etruscan god of wine, the equivalent of the Greek Bacchus. 

Today Pācina is a farm which produces organic wine, olive oil, cereals and pulses. Our four independently accessed apartments are open to guests the whole year round.

The Tiezzi-Borsa family has been the happy custodian of this wonderful place for almost a century. Giovanna and Steafano have been the current custodians for 30 years now, and along with their children, Maria and Carlo, work to maintain the natural and cultural richness of Pācina.

The History of Pācina

“My family has been living at Pācina for 5 generations now: before me, my mum and dad, before them by grandparents, before them my great grandparents and, way back in time, before them, my great-great grandparents. Men and Women: the other vines that compose the history of Pācina.

Before me, the central protagonist of Pācina and it’s wines was my mum, Lucia. It is thanks to her that, in 1987, the first bottle of Pācina without the addition of sulphur dioxide, the progenitor of the wines Stefano and I now produce, was first produced. I owe to Lucia, a biologist and writer who has always firmly believed in the natural forces of this land, my own instinctive knowledge in following the rhythms of nature.

The soil in which these personal vines have taken root is the love we all have for this very special place.
Pācina has always been a place where respect for nature has been at the centre. My dad, Enzo, who unfortunately is no longer with us, was, among many other things, a dedicated environmentalist. The first meetings of the ‘Legambiente’ took place here, in the gardens of Pācina, and he was both a founding member and leading light of that organization. 

Thanks to him, I grew up surrounded by intellectuals, scientists, cultivators… as an adult, it became easy for me to understand that to cultivate the land, make wine, it is first necessary to respect all that surrounds you.”  

Giovanna Tiezzi Borsa


The farmhouse Pacinina, once the home to share-croppers who worked the fields, has become our agriturismo.

The ancient building still preserves the marks and signs of its changing use over the centuries, from the Etruscans to the present day.

It is a large farmhouse which invites our guests to immerse themselves in the slow rhythms, colours, and aromas of the countryside. 


Giovanna e Stefano, proprietari di Pacina

Pācina and Pacinina are always ready to receive guests, wine lovers and those who seek the best in life.

We sell our products directly every day of the week and you can book appointments for visits and wine tasting sessions.

To book an appointment or a visit, please write to us at:


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