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Pācina and Pacinina are always ready to receive guests, wine lovers and those who seek the best in life.

We sell our products directly every day of the week and you can book appointments for visits and wine tasting sessions

To book an appointment or a visit, please write to us at:


For hospitality informations:

For anythingh else:

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 Triple "A"



Stati Uniti: Rosenthal Wine Merchant

Stati Uniti, Massachusetts: Violette Wine Imports

Canada, Ontario: The Vine Agency

Canada, Quebec: Wards & Associés

Messico: Nuova Terra



Austria, Salisburgo: Natural Wine Dealers

Austria, Vienna: Vino Nudo

Belgio: Vino Vivo

Danimarca: Rosforth & Rosforth

Francia: Planete Vins International

Paesi Bassi: Vinum Naturale

Repubblica Ceca: Via del Vino

Romania: Saccharomyces

Spagna: Vinos Autenticos

Spagna, Ibiza: Super Natural Wines

Svizzera, Berna: Weinkultur Bern 

Svizzera, Lugano: In Vino Sitis

UK: Gergovie Wines



Giappone: Vinaiota

Cina: Vinetrails Fine Wine Selections

Corea del Sud: Buffo Wine

Taiwan: Wine Amazing

Israele: Giaconda



Australia: Vino Mito

Singapore: Vini Viventi

How to Reach Us

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